MissyMya Mini Reads

A fun bundle of books.

MissyMya mini reads are funny, entertaining, compact reads. They have been designed for those with time restrictions, who want something quick and easy to read, also taking into account those who want a more manageable read. 

I've come across loads of people who feel daunted by lengthy books. Most importantly, MissyMya reads are ‘weak reader', friendly. As someone living with dyslexia, I am writing books that I would find manageable in terms of style and size. 

There is definitely a gap in the market for this kind of reader because there is still the misconception that dyslexia is about not being able to read, full stop. In a lot of cases, it’s simply that the scanning skills and the way the information processes within the brain differ

Meet Dad - A successful, career-driven 40-something man who has become a father for the first time. For a man that’s never been out of his depth, boy is he…

On the night of the baby’s birth, Dad finds himself turfed out of the maternity ward, having been told to come back at visiting times.But he’s not a visitor. Is he? Surely visitors are aunties and cousins. He’s the dad… or ‘your husband’… or birthing partner… now over staying visitor… soon to be babysitter…

His identity seems to be d...

Blurb: It’s 1989 and 15-year-old Rhea is a 5th former about to embark on her GCSEs – so of course she’s going to be stressed.

And of course, it doesn’t help that career’s advice is coming up and her teacher is on at her to decide what she wants to do. She doesn’t know.

And of course she looks unwell; she’s been struggling to overcome this chest infection.

And of course it doesn’t help that her mum won’t let her stay at home and recover, as “it’s a very important year… no missing school.”


Nominated for the Meyer-Whitworth Award - One of the highest monetary prizes for playwriting in the UK.

Meet Jo Jo - a guest at her friend Jules’ wedding. The same Jules who, even on her hen night, was outrageously flirting and attempting to snog Dermot O’'Leary lookalikes.

Jules is marrying Dave, who himself can only be described as ‘men behaving sadly’.

As far as Jo Jo is concerned, it’s not just the wedding, but the whole day that is one huge mistake.

She has turned up without a date, l...

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