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The Humour of 'Bridesmaids' with a Punjabi twist.


Meet Jo Jo - a guest at her friend Jules’ wedding. 

The same Jules who, even on her hen night, was outrageously flirting and attempting to snog Dermot O’Leary lookalikes.

Jules is marrying Dave, who himself can only be described as ‘men behaving sadly’. As far as Jo Jo is concerned, it’s not just the wedding, but the whole day that is one huge mistake. 


She has turned up without a date, looking rather dishevelled after suffering an unfortunate hair-and-outfit incident and is forced to mingle with a whole host of Jules’s mad relatives. 


Surely things can’t get any worse, can they?


Well, that depends on what happens when she bumps into her long-term crush.


‘THE DATELESS WONDER’ is a hilarious comedy that follows the journey of a young British-Punjabi female, single in a world of couples, togetherness and nightmare off-spring. 

How is a girl to survive her first English wedding when she has only ever been to traditional Punjabi weddings?


Anjali Mya Chadha combines a comic style of delivery with storytelling, observational humour and a range of eccentric characters to guide the audience through an English wedding from her own unique standpoint. 







Writer and Performer - Anjali Mya Chadha


The Director - Lucy Taylor


Co-producer for Watermans - Salema Khanum


Illustrator - Katie Mac


Lighting Designer -Rachel Francis


Sound Designer - Jim Guynan


Technical and Stage Manager - Ian Hawes (for Watermans)


Technical Manager - Mishi Bekesi (Touring)


Set Designer - Cordelia Chisholm


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