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Went to see the above last week at the Burton Taylor theatre, Oxford and was 'bowled' over as they say... We laughed so much. I couldn't believe how the time flew, Anjali was great with the delivery. Well done and come again. All the best for her future. Linda.

From: Linda Mogan

Came to see the show last Tuesday at Darlington. Really enjoyed it as did my 3 friends. Look forward to a sequel. Loved how you caught the minutiae of life!

From: Lesley.

Hi Anjali, Myself and 2 girlfriends saw your show last night at The Arts Centre in Darlington and wanted to say thanks for a very entertaining and hilarious evening. We will definitely be on the look out for any forthcoming shows. Keep up the great writing. You got the funnies down to a T. Regards Sharon

From: Sharon Jones

We saw the show at Darlington Arts Centre and very impressive it was too. The actress sustained a longish piece with great verve and impressive dramatic skill. The writing was good and recognised the need for audiences to be nursed into a familiar yet unfamiliar situation. One thing slightly threw me: the programme; nothing in it prepared one for the subject of the drama. A piece comparing and contrasting marriage in the UK and India? Some comment on the phenomenon of delayed marriage for modern women, particularly those aspiring to professional status? I look forward to the next episode!

From: Peter & Ann Wilson

Hi - saw the show last night in m'head and said hello to Anjali also, and wanted to say it was funny, accurate, and very true to life. It is actually so good to finally go see a show, play, stand up which both me, my sister - Punjabi girls can go see with our mates and all come out saying that spoke to me and what a great laugh! Cant wait for part 2.

From: Charu Malhotra

Hi Anjali, I saw "The Dateless Wonder" last Saturday in Finchley, I was on the front row. I want to congratulate you on your fabulously engaging story telling which mesmerised the audience; even my husband who usually doses off in the first 15 minutes when I take him to the theatre. I feel very proud that a fellow Indian girl is showing her background and culture to the indigenous people, in an informative, yet humourous style; to be able to laugh at one's self, and the foibles of one's culture, is a sure sign of having made it in a foreign land. Good luck in all your future work.

From: Manjit Thandi (Mrs)

I so enjoyed the show. It was well written and fantastically presented. It managed to encompass something for everyone. Very clever to create the image of a full church and reception. I can't wait for the sequel! Many congratulations!

From: Amanda Band

What an incredible show! I felt like Jo Jo was a friend of mine and that we were having a funny girlie gossip about weddings! I got quite angry with Jo Jo at one point when she decided not to swap the place names at the wedding reception. Jo Jo is made of stronger stuff than that and it was a perfect opportunity to get closer to her man! It was both an intimate and revealing evening, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to find out what happens with "barrister boy"!

From: Nicola

I thought that the show was fantastic. Anjali was marvellous. I loved the fact that she was able to address people of many different cultures, and her social observations were spot-on. I can't wait for the next installment!

From: Sharon Reddell

Wonderful entertainment! It's great to see a show like this out in the Provinces (Kendal needs you to return SOON!!!!). Anjali,we loved the show and great to meet with you after the show. How you remember all the lines, we just don't know! Can't wait for the sequel. Well done - you gave it your heart and soul on stage and we're tipping you for a BIG career. It's about time us Indians (especially the girlies!!) showed the nation that we can hold our own and that we have a sense of humour (as well as brains!!)

From: Seema King

Anjali I listened to your interview on the Nikki Bedi show and will try and get to your show but if I can't I just wanted to say thank you for what you said about how Asian guys seem to get demonized alot in theatre productions these days. I stopped going to Asian theatre a while back because all I ever seemed to watch were plays demonizing Indian men to an almost obsessive degree. I'm not saying there are not issues to be examined but when culture suggests that dysfunction is normative it becomes demonization and in some ways, dangerous, especially in the current climate of misunderstanding that exists in society. I have a nephew who is six years old and I pity the kind of stereotypes he is going to come up against as he grows up and how he will be perceived. Hearing you say this, was so refreshing to hear. Thank you! I don't think people understand how hurtful it is to see so many mono-dimensional depictions and stereotypes endlessly, not only in theatre but in films and TV drama too. Jay Singh

From: Jay

I really enjoyed the show. I heard about the show as I've been to Watermans before. I went with my best mate, and I've never laughed so much before. The actress was really good, really funny. I thought going to see a 1 woman show would be boring, but I couldn't believe how hooked I was through out the show. The character reminded me of so many girls I know...I'm definately going to take my cousins to see the show and can't wait for the next chapter. About time us British Asian girls were represented. Nice one.

From: Bindya Solanki

I went with my mum to see The Dateless Wonder at The West Wing in Slough. We didn't really know what to expect of the show but have to say that we absolutely loved it. We laughed loads at the observational humour and cannot wait the next instalment of Jo Jo's life.

From: Jo Phelan

Saw the show last night in Guildford and haven't laughed so much in ages. Only sorry not more of my friends were there to appreciate the sharp wit and accurate protrayal of life today. Cannot wait for the next installment Thank you so much.

From: Heather Dob

Saw your show tonight (9th Feb) at Eastleigh, was very impressed and entertained at the fluent and varied presentation. As an English man with a Punjabi wife I (we in fact) found it all very apt and amusing! Amazing feat of memory too. Body language excellent, and you have such an expressive face you could use it even more to your advantage! Congratulations! Barnaby and Shelly.

From: Barnaby and Shelly

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